Privacy policy

Privacy Policy 

At , we value your business and your trust. Your privacy and your security are extremely important to us. This section describes how we collect information from you, what we do with it, and how we protect it. 


Whenever, you make a purchase at the Shopping Mall, your payment information is encrypted and secure. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and no credit card information is stored once it is processed. It is also encrypted (translated into a special code that cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipient) during transmission and then it is destroyed. SSL also confirms the identity of the server and tells us that the message arrived safely. This is the most secure system available and offers the strongest possible deterrent against fraud and hackers. In addition, has implemented standard operating procedures which ensure that our servers can only be accessed by authorized personnel on a strict "need to know" basis. 

Shopper Information 

The information we collect from you when you make a purchase with is the minimum required to process an order and to make sure it arrives at its destination safely. This can include Name; Address; Telephone number; Email address; Purchasing information; and Credit Card information. Unless compelled to do so by a valid governmental or law enforcement order or decree, we will never give, share, rent, or sell this information to any third party. Only your Shopper's ID (not your name) is revealed by to the person who introduced you to the website. 

Promotional Messages periodically sends out promotional messages to Shoppers. Generally, these will be great offers on selected merchandise currently featured on the Shopping Mall. Since has no intention of sending unwanted mail, these messages will only be sent to people who have requested to receive them. Unless you have requested to receive such information from, we will not rent or sell this list to any third parties. If you have requested to receive such messages from, you have consented to our sharing, giving, selling, or renting of your name and email address to third parties. When you make your first purchase, you will have the opportunity to decide if you wish to receive promotional messages. If you do not specifically request these messages, they will not be sent to you. If after choosing to receive these email messages from, you later decide that you wish to stop receiving them, you can easily "unsubscribe" from the shopper mailing list by following the instructions at the bottom of any of the messages and you will be promptly removed from the list. 


While we in good faith, have no intention of sharing your private information with any third parties, in the rare event that a government or law enforcement agency has cause to demand it and we are required by law to provide it, we will of course cooperate with such agencies. We also reserve the right to use personally identifiable information in special circumstances where it is necessary to enforce our Terms and Conditions or Policies and Procedures of 

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